Reflection Week 1

Assalamualaikum and hi.

So this is the first time meeting PM Dr. Rosseni for Educational Technology course which I’m sure this will be an interesting course to be learnt throughout the semester. Knowing that we have to create video for this subject, surely lots of work and time are needed to learn and explore the process of making it but InsyaAllah I’ll do my best for this course. As all of us know, being up-to-date to the technology is important especially for us who InsyaAllah will be teachers one day. People might misinterpret the meaning of technology by merely saying that technology relates to internet, computers and gadgets. However, in my own opinion, technology stands for anything that develops within time and makes things easier. For example, we now have pens instead of feathers and ink to write. So it can be said to be technology as well.

So, from the first meet up with Dr. Rosseni, the introduction and overall view of the course will surely help us to explore and think the other way around about the topics to be learnt. Using MOOC for the first time, I can say that it is an advance platform as not only UKM students can access to it but other students from other universities are also using it. Besides, looking at the first thing to be done during the class which is to introduce ourselves by using, it is a good medium for us to explore to. However, I could see that it somehow tend to lesser face-to-face communication among us. We can write many things about ourselves there but if it’s done both face-to-face and writing, wouldn’t it be more meaningful? To taaruf (introduce) the things others do not know about ourselves would be ‘sweet and diabetes’ if we could share and listen to them together in class 😀 “peace”


That’s all for today.

Jazakumullahukhairan kathiran jaza’


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