Reflection Week 2

Assalamualaikum and hi.

Hello again for the second reflection. Meeting Dr Fariza again this sem and it may be the last sem for us to meet her in class. So, about the class held last week, I can say that I have clearer view to write reflections about the lesson learnt as before this, there was no guideline for us so most of us just explain back the things done in class. As Dr Fariza said, she ‘sengaja’ let us do the reflection whatever way we want.

Reflection is not merely explaining whatever things done in class but to think creatively and critically about the lesson. As we can see, reflection of our habitual action is actually falls under the lowest level in Bloom’s Taxonomy which is ‘remembering’ and ‘understanding’. But for us to achieve higher level of it, critical thinking is needed so that at least our reflection is higher degree of just understanding about the topic.




That’s not all for today.

Jazakumullahukhairan kathiran jaza’


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