Reflection week 3

Dr. Rosseni is just a very generous person as all of us were given breakfast and also souvenirs from Sarawak. She somehow gives a lot of motivation to me on how to be a good teacher by her act of kindness 😀

Okay, so for the class session today, Dr Rosseni showed us a few sample videos that were done by our seniors. She wanted us to get some idea on how to create the video. I love the one created by our TESL senior entitled ‘Nur Taubat’. They did a very good job on acting and the story also have the moral values that are clearly highlighted. However, when we were asked about the flaws of the video, I realized a few of them but I’m not confident enough to answer her. I realize that in the video during the murdering scene, there is no blood at the knife of the murder. Hmm, I think I should be more confident to speak as there is no right or wrong in giving opinions. Plus, I’m going to be future teacher InsyaAllah so I have to be proactive during the class session. InsyaAllah I’ll try to improve myself from time to time.


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