Reflection week 4

This week, we have to sit in our groups and think of the story that we would like to do for our video. We have to find a suitable problem statement and objective of the story and also think of the way we want to create the story. Storyboard is really important in making any videos as here, we can see all the purpose of the story, the flow, the shots or angle that we would like to take and others. However, for the time being, we have to create a simple draft that has the message and present it in class. We chose the problem that are faced by practicum teachers as we are going to a practicum later, so we would like to  highlight the areas of teaching challenges, the ‘dos’ and the ‘donts’ that practicum teacher should know. Our topic might be quite limited to certain people only as we are focusing on the ones who create problem during the times at school but we come out with the idea because these things are always faced by the practicum teachers. There are some of them who do not respect other teachers, lazy to create lesson plan, do not have any teaching aids during teaching and so on. So we would like to create a video that can give a motivation to all future teachers about how the attitude of a teacher can affect others.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 10.42.15.png



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