Reflection Week 5

Traditional Media. Is it still relevant for us nowadays? We have all the modern technology to assist our learning but why should I learn about this?

Yes, it is relevant! If I am to be posted to schools (InsyaAllah) where there is no computer, no LCD, no projector, nothing like what I am having here in UKM, then how am I going to vary my teaching methods? English is not meant to be taught merely by using textbook as it is not a kind of subject but language. I have to be creative to cater this kind of situation by making sure that they use the language rather than just learning the subject. So, the usage of traditional media is still relevant to be used in class, isn’t it? To buy ready-made teaching aids for each and every classes might cost a lot so I can use this alternative to save my budget. For example, I can create educational games by using unused boxes or bottles. Besides, the usage of mahjong paper can promote students to communicate with their friends as they will be working in groups to create mind-maps of to write important points for presentation. Using real objects is also relevant and can save cost as we can find anything around us as the tool of teaching.



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