Reflection Week 6

By Dr. Khalid – MULTIMEDIA

These are the two comparison of videos that we did in class between

Happy Unbeat Background Music for Video and Presentation vs Death Valley USA 2013

Video 1

  • many angle shots (throw monopod)
  • compact with everything done during the vacation
  • upbeat background music, suits the video
  • short and sharp
  • no credits

Video 2

  • only showing same shot
  • journey to the valley
  • made for memory, music – sentimental
  • have still photos but too many
  • long – 7 mins
  • credits to the production team

Both videos have different messages to convey so there are many differences between them. When we have the objective to create video, we will plan all the things we would like to insert in the video like the first one compared to the second. Besides, we learn to use audacity to create our own background music, combining background music and sound effect. We can create a very interesting one if we practice again and again to use it for our project. Using audacity is not that hard but of course i need to practice a lot since I’m still new to it. Many things related to editing is new to me but it’s not a reason for me to give up. I would like to try something new by attending this course so I need to face any problems and just try them.

We also discussed about trip to Penang for 1 day 1 night. As most of us have never been to Penang so we were so excited to go there for the photography trip. however, it’s still not confirmed as Dr. Khalid has to ask for the availability of UKM bus on the date we’re planning to go.



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