Reflection Week 7

Online learning session, no-class

For today’s class, we were given time to finish our task without having face-to-face class. As for today, we decided to change to a new storyboard as I feel like the previous one is not a common problem faced by all. The previous one is just focusing on certain practicum teachers which create problems during the practicum. It might happen to certain people only so we did not think that it is suitable for the video task.

So we came out with a new topic entitled Anti-Social which suits the trend. All human beings from all ages are very familiar and very fond to using gadgets especially smartphone which make us to ignore real life situation around us. We would like to focus on the values of socializing with people and the importance of appreciating people around us.

Before deciding it, one of us proposed the new idea to me and I feel like it can be a really good video if we could come out with a video which gives great impact to the audience. We could give a few tips or highlight the advantages of involving ourselves with other activities other than social media. We then discussed it with other members and they agreed to change our story. I’m hoping that the changes that we made can benefit us all in many aspects and we could create a better story with a good story line.



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