Reflection Week 8

Class Dr. Khalid on video

Learning about video production was very exciting. When we look at different videos with different kind of views, scenes, places, all of them must have their own objectives to convey.They must have been edited many times to create the flow or purpose of the video. The ones who manage to do live editing without any errors must be very careful to handle the shots, angle and different cameras.

This is the sample video of live editing with zero error shown by Dr Khalid before we proceed to the other task. A video during an audition.

This week, we were asked to create a video by using movie maker. Once again, I’m not used to using it but exploring the usage of Movie Maker was interesting. I just know how to use it to combine video or still pictures but for the task, I managed to insert many other elements such as subtitle, audio, remarks, add effects, remove footage and others. Challenging ourselves can be very exciting if we are willing to learn new things. As a result, I was able to finish the task given before the class ended.

I would like to try other movie editors such as adobe premier or magic pro to edit movies so that I could produce a better result for my video production task. Learning something new is fun right? So let’s not waste the chance and be confident!



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