Reflection Week 9

Dr Fariza class

We planned to go for Putrajaya Trip as the bus is not available on the date we have chosen. So the trip would be from UKM -> Taman Botani -> Masjid Putra -> Masjid Besi. There might be changes if we don’t have enough time to go to all the places stated.

We learnt about photography and were asked to take picture of our friends. It is different to take pictures in UKM vs other different places. We aimed to experiment the photography as by going outside, we will have many places, objects, scenes to be captured. We call the place/scene as object. The different objects will surely affect the quality of photos that we would like to capture. When we have more things to experiment, we could try different skills of taking photo. We can try different angles, shots, objects etc.

In the past few years, camera were surely different from nowadays. Without these old-aged camera, we wouldn’t have the modern ones. That is why it is important to appreciate the technology that we have these days which really help us in many ways and makes our lives easier.

vs graphic 2.jpg


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