Reflection Week 10

During the preview of our video, we got comments from Dr. Rosseni and Dr. Khalid that can be part of the solutions for our problem statement.

Dr Rosseni :

Solution that she suggested was to leave her phone and tell others to reach her by any other medium except phone or to put the phones at one place when having discussion for example. Tell others that you’re not bringing phone to work or during lecture time.

Dr Khalid :

In class, everyone will not really focus on the lecture or presentation but busy looking at their phones, so how to overcome that?..He also suggested that we may record the real situation in the classroom to give more impact to the video.

Realizing that we just focused on giving awareness of antisocial, we should also think of the solutions to that as people are already aware about antisocial but they do not have solutions to the problem. It will be useful if we can give tips such as put aside the telephone while doing things and be discipline to that. Or else, we could also suggest other tips that could give huge impact to phone users so that they know it is more important to socialize with real human beings rather than the virtual ones.



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