Reflection Week 11

The class today is with Dr Khalid which he would like to see at least any raw materials that we have to show as the progress of our video. There are improvements that have been suggested by my classmates and also Dr Khalid.

We showed a few videos that we have which are not yet edited. There is background noise that can be improved by ‘mute’-ing it or replace with background sound. As being taught by Dr. Khalid, Audacity is really useful for sound editing. Besides, we could also make the motion faster and slower to show different motions in our video.

As the video previewed were still raw, we will edit them to be more interesting and worth watching as we could see other group’s editing part were superb. Especially those who create a video about food which their editing process are focused on the motion of eating. The eating parts move very slowly with mouth-watering food until people seeing it will feel really hungry. We could edit our video by focusing on the parts which highlight the main objective of our video so that the reaction and impact to people will be the same as theirs.


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