Reflection Week 12

For this week, we had our second video preview which should be at least 80% of the video done. It is because there’s only two weeks left for us before the presentation. For this week’s preview, my group didn’t have much thing to show as we still cannot see the real flow of our story although we followed our storyboard really closely. We do not know how to make our video to be informational and educational at the same time. We previewed our video that we have prepared but there are many things to be added and improved.

From the comments Dr. Fariza mentioned, I realized that our group’s video is really static and do not vary in terms of the shots, such as close up, medium shot and long shot. We could use a few camera to take the shots so that we can compare and compile the best one. The issue that we have chosen was really close to all of us which is Antisocial and it will be really helpful if we could come out with the best solutions for that particular problem.

Close up -google-
Long shot -google-
Medium shot -google-

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