Reflection Week 13

For this week, we didn’t have formal class but it was replaced with a meeting regarding the grand day, Edutechnovation Day which will be held a week from now. The leader, Naqib Syahmi held the meeting with the representative of each subgroup such as programmer, protocol, technical, publicity and others.

This week would be the final preparation week before the big day. For our progress of the video, we still have a few things to be settled which is the editing part and also the poster. Sharimah and I were the ones who are in charge of creating the poster. To be honest, I have never created a good poster to be published as I really do not know the art of doing it. I was once created a poster and showed it to my friend and after seeing the result, she was like, “Let me do it for you”. Looking at her response, I know the poster really really need to be adjusted.

However, I wanted to polish my skill and tried it for this time. So, this is the rough idea of our poster to show the act of antisocial. We focused on the one who’s playing the phone and blurred her friends. I tried to edit by using but it didn’t turn up well.



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