Reflection Week 14

Edutechnovation day on the 3rd of June at Dewan Budiman.

Our group, group 3 worked as technical/multimedia team on that day and for the presentation, we were the second presenter.

Our group’s video is about those who are having hard time to stay away from their phone we we can call these people as Nomophobia.

Nomophobia is fear of being without your phone, a combination of the words no, mobile and phobia.

The tips that we suggest to all phone users in the video are

  1. Uninstall apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat
  2. Download time tracker from playstore to keep track the time we have used for social media
  3. Keep calm, put aside your telephone and start to interact with your friends

We suggested these tips that some of us has already practiced to avoid too much time spent on social media. As for me, I used to uninstall apps so that i can focus more on other things. It is useful for me as I can do other things without much distractions. I think these tips are also useful for others and please try them! You’ll see the changes šŸ˜€

This is the poster edited by me using online application –

Screenshot 2016-06-03 21.41.20
Final process of making poster via


We won 2nd place for the poster and video. Alhamdulillah. It is unexpected as other groups were very good at editing their videos and conveyed their own educational tips that benefit all of us. As for our video, I think my group can improve more on the editing part and also the sound. Our voices were not that clear so maybe we could add subtitle for better understanding. The editing part can also be improved so that the flow of the story line can be seen clearly.

Second place ^^ alhamdulillah

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